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"Concetta (kohn- CHET-ah) was my Grandmother's name.  My love for jewelry started with an inherited sewing box filled with vintage costume jewelry." .

My knowledge of techniques and gemstones has developed over a decade of working and teaching at bead stores. I have always loved creating with both fabric and beads alike. I earned a degree in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, New York in 2010. I knew that I didn't belong in a corporate setting and had no place designing behind a computer. I decided to use my trade working for "small business" fashion designers and bridal shops.

My fascination with astrology and birth charts specifically, started at a young age but it wasn't until January of 2015 that I came up with the sun, moon and rising zodiac designs.  I spent many months researching the technique and making sure that this was truly my original design. This design concept has evolved over the years and I am truly proud of the products that I produce.

I love making my Zodiac Natal Designs because I feel like I'm making something so special and deep for the owner. Many of my customers have never had their natal chart done before and inspiring that alone is a gift of insight and self-development to the reader. I put special attention into each and every one and am grateful to financially contribute to my family of 4, doing something that I truly enjoy and believe in.