♓️🌊Pisces Mutable & Water- ruled by Neptune- 12th sign of the zodiac

Pisces are #intuitive, #creative, and #sympathetic . Commonly referred to as the "old souls" of the zodiac because they have a deep understanding of how the #universe works, that they can't quite put into words. As the last sign of the zodiac they hold traits of each sign and can truly feel the struggle of humanity. This can be a lot to handle so often they put on their rose colored goggles and swim to calmer water. This is why they are often labeled as escapists by those who don't understand their #wisdom . 

The two reversed fish symbolize Pisces' internal struggle. They can either fight to swim up stream and pursue their #dreams or fall victim to their deep feelings. With eyes on each side they can see both sides of any situation but have to feel their way forward through life, learning to trust their strong #intuition .

With Pisces' #empathetic and friendly nature they attract friends of all different walks of life. They have a strong #compassion to help others and will always do so with out passing judgement. 

They are very #artistic and easily caught up in their #daydreams . Pisces know that there's a bigger purpose to life then all the momentary possessions and problems. 

Happy Birthday to all my fellow Pisces! May you swim upstream on next trip around the sun! 

XO Linds ♓️ 3.6.90