♑️Cardinal & Earth sign- ruled by Saturn- 10th sign of the Zodiac.

♑️Capricorns' ambition and determination are what make them such hard workers. They are represented by a goat because they are constantly climbing to the top! Their eyes are always focused on the future as they don't like to dwell on any painful past experiences. They can come off stern or aggressive but it's because they have strong beliefs. Capricorns tend to mind their own business unless they are asked for advice. Then they will tell it to you straight, expect you to follow their wise advice and have little sympathy when you don't. They don't mean to be harsh but they aren't harder on you then they are themselves. I believe that this is what makes Capricorns so practical and successful. Although they all have that "eyes on the prize" motivation, don't think they won't stop to care for those they love and admire- they are devoted to caring for their family. 

Happy Birthday Capricorns ! ♑️