• Power Wrap Bracelet


    Eighteen gemstones are wire wrapped and knotted onto soft suede cord to create the perfect everyday wear accessory. Just wrap around your wrist a few times or hand from your neck- you'll be carrying the power of gemstones with you each day!

    I specifically chose to include 18 gemstones because of the symbolism in both Buddhism and Hinduism. The numbers 8, 18, 108 and 1,008 are sacred. There are 108 beads in a Mala, there are 18 chapters in Bhagavad Gita, 18 Principal Insights and of course the 8 Fold Path which is the way to achieve Nirvana and end suffering. 

    Gemstones may vary on each piece but will always be in rainbow order, 18 total. Each one comes with a list of all 18 gemstones included and the healing attributes that are associated with each one.

    -Black suede
    -Chocolate suede
    -Black Vegan "suede" 
    -Antique Brass
    -Gold Plated
    -Silver Plated
    -Sterling Silver ($30) 
     For best care do NOT shower or swim in your jewelry. Your power wrap will be packaged in a gift box and shipped USPS first class mail with tracking.

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